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  • “She [Harlie Snyder in JFC Workforce] got me a job quickly and was great through the process.”– Material Handler (candidate)10/21/2019
  • “Everyone in the office was very nice. My recruiter is great.”– Material Handler (candidate)10/17/2019
  • “Being one of the oldest staffing companies they are still rated high. I've worked for JFC back in the 80's and they are still going strong while other agencies have faded away. All that I can say is keep up the good work! […] “– Clerk (candidate)10/16/2019
  • “Catherine was absolutely wonderful and she made the whole experience seamless and very easy.[…] Everything was top service!”– Customer Service Coordinator (candidate)10/16/2019
  • “Alex really helped me out a lot! He was always keeping in contact with me to inform me about my hiring process, etc. He answered every question I had […] Excellent recruiter! This is the first time I ever went through a temp agency, and it sure didn't seem like a temp. But even better!”– Material Handler (candidate)10/16/2019
  • “Ryan is a good hard working person and served us well during his time here. He is highly recommended for any future endeavors.”– Operations Chief (client)10/10/2019
  • “Excellent candidate in this tough climate to find good people […]”– HR Manager (client)10/08/2019
  • “Y'all are very patient and understanding with us I really appreciate you all […] y'all definitely hold y'all word”– Assembler (candidate)10/08/2019
  • “Employees are very professional and prompt in returning emails, calls, etc.”– Receptionist (candidate)10/08/2019
  • “JFC gets the […] best jobs especially new jobs! JFC saved me a few times!”– Picker/Packer Associate (candidate)10/08/2019
  • “[…]The JFC staff is very polite and nice and I feel comfortable y all always return my phone calls and y all got me a job that I like.”– Call Center Representative (candidate)10/08/2019
  • “JFC was very helpful in finding employment for me based on my experience and resume. […] I feel JFC is very professional and helpful! I am grateful for their help in my job search! “– Receptionist (candidate)10/02/2019
  • “Nice people that are serious about helping others succeed.”– Warehouse Associate (candidate)10/02/2019
  • “I was contacted within one day after placing application. JFC representative was professional and sent all information to be completed in a timely manner. Hired for a position within 10 days.”– Clerical Assistant (candidate)09/30/2019
  • “Warm atmosphere. Everyone is nice in the office. They are all very helpful and they keep trying to find the job you are looking for […]”– Case Picker (candidate)09/27/2019
  • “Great service, kind people, quick turnaround from application to a placement.”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)09/24/2019
  • “I believe that JFC is a very a good employment agency. They position candidates in positions and fields that work best for the candidate.”– Customer Care Advisor (candidate)09/24/2019
  • “[…]My recruiter Michelle is awesome. Great job postings. My experience in the past was always awesome. Nice job sites, environments, and job locations. […]”– Administrative Assistant (candidate)09/24/2019
  • “You guys are great”– General Warehouse Worker (candidate)09/18/2019
  • “Margaret is an excellent team player, she is hardworking, attentive and brings laughter to our office. We enjoy having her here and she does a fantastic job with any task!”– Director (client)09/10/2019

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