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Marketing Specialist

Candidate 427407 comes to us with extensive experience in the marketing field. His marketing career really kicked off with The Hershey Company, where he help various positions. He started out as the new products manager, coming up with innovations to commercialize and popularize new products. He eventually became the Director of Marketing, and also took on business development duties at the same time. Most recently, he has been running his own marketing business serving national & global clients to meet their marketing needs. He is now looking for the opportunity to step back from executive level positions and take on a role as a high level marketing manager or director, where he can continue to spread his knowledge and assist a company in meeting their marketing needs.

Skills at a Glance:

  • Extensive experience with new product innovation and rolling out multi-million dollar branding plans
  • Experience leading company re-branding and re-design projects on a national scale
  • Experience with business development and forming new business relationships
  • Experience growing sales in faltering products through strategic marketing innovations.

Don't just take our word for it! Check out what his references have to say:

  • “He has such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, but at the same time he is so willing to listen to others. He always is optimistic and considerate in terms of others' ideas.”
  • “He is very poised. He is definitely one of the most polished people I've worked with.”
  • “He is incredibly resourceful. He can make something out of nothing from a marketing standpoint.”
  • “He is a very personable guy. As a consultant, he's great at making relationships and working with people from a variety of backgrounds.”
  • “He is great at diplomatically giving his opinion. When he has something that he thinks is going to work better than my idea, he has a good way of presenting it without being condescending.” 
  • “At times, he is ahead of me with his thoughts about what I need.”
  • “He is always early to any meetings we have. Most of the time he is waiting a few minutes for me.”
  • “He has a calming influence, which I very much appreciate in high stress situations.”

Category: Office Professional


Contact Information

1520 Market St.
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Toll Free: 1-888-JFC-JOBS
Ph: (717) 761-8095
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